The ability to play on a piano helps develop an individual’s intellectual capacity, development of analytical thinking, and creativity. After completing our educational courses, you will be able to play a solo, duet, trio, or accompany another instrument, vocalist, or choir. Piano is a difficult instrument to learn, and it will take time and dedication, but it is also widely used all over the world, making it one of the most valuable skills for a musician.

The sound range of one piano can replace an entire symphonic orchestra.

Yelena Chernukhina teaching music at Key to Music music school in Vancouver WA

From the first lesson, it is very important to correctly place the student’s fingers to achieve a freely flowing wrist and arm. Step by step we will improve your technique, allowing you access to more and more advanced music. Technique accompanied by additional courses of music theory, will unlock your understanding of music on a whole different level. You will understand how music is constructed and how to rearrange a melody while keeping it’s structure. Ultimately, you will have complete freedom over the instrument, your hands, and the sounds you create together.

You can achieve all this and more from Key to Music with one of our many qualified teachers.

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