Piano Teacher Yelena Chernukhina

Welcome to Key to Music

Hello, and thank you for visiting our website. My name is Yelena Chernukhina. I am the founder of Key to Music, a passion project I've been dreaming of for many years. I've been teaching piano lessons and music theory full time in Vancouver Washington since 2003. Before that, I taught children in Russia since 1984.

From my time in Vancouver, I've noticed a distinct lack of availability for a reliable musical education. There are tons of private teachers, typically working from home, but no one really ever knows what to expect.

Key to Music will be dedicated to my mission. The mission is to bring a high quality education to our community, and give every child and adult a trustworthy and reputable place to learn. I want everyone to be able to learn, so welcome!

Next Steps...

Enrollment is currently open. Schedule a time to meet with our director.